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Re: Gluten free Vegan - help!!!

I hear you Mama! I became the same way after my last little one was born...about 4 months ago. I have been on the same journey and even though I have cut out gluten and diary, I am still having some issues However, I am learning all I can and trying to figure out some good snacks and meals too!...I think it's extra hard when nursing a babe...because we need more calories and my appetite is so much bigger when I am nursing!! In addition to the other sites that were is another one that I have found some great success with... She has lots of info on there about going gluten free/diary free... etc.. etc... as well as lots of great recipes that we have made. And I definetely second the crockpot365 her easy crock recipes!! She has many with meat and diary...but many without too...and you can also sub out the diary ingredients for "non-diary" items. I hope you and your little guy find some relief!!
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