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Mutts S-L and Thirsties fab fitted

Boy on the way, excuse for a little churn Some of these are well-loved - I tried to price accordingly and am always happy to trade, especially for other diapering items. Diapers have not been sunned - summer hasn't hit here yet!

Thirsties M fab fitted, $9 ppd
Aplix sticky, elastic good, slight pilling on front and a one-inch area where front velcro is coming unsewn. No actual staining but inside is definitely not bright white anymore.

Muttaqin fitted diapers
Top/middle row: Large front snap - Undersea, Fairies, Hawaiian (no idea what real names of these prints are). Still adorable but you can tell they have been well-loved here. All elastic still stretchy but based on wear of diapers I'm assuming more relaxed than original. Fabric fraying and not plush like original. Not in order, but fraying/holes can be seen here.
Undersea - most heavily worn, holes in outer layer (example) $8 ppd
Fairies $10 ppd
Hawaiian $9 ppd, one leg has a couple inches where elastic not gathered as tightly.

Bottom row:
VGUC Small front snap $13 ppd
Light staining, still soft and plush inside

GUC 3SR (3 step rise), $10 ppd
Staining inside and on exterior (more front than rear), gives it dingy less bright appearance.
Not as soft/plush as new, no holes or fraying.

Interiors of Mutts:
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