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OH dear! Laundry problems again! HELP!

I started CDing in May and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The only thing I'm not loving is learning to do diaper laundry-the hard way!! I think I've made every mistake possible before learning NOT to make it! HELP!!

I just bought a brand new WAHM diaper and I love the look and the fit it's great!!! BUT.....
I washed it with plain HOT water (no detergent) to get all the dye out just in case it would bleed on my other diapers before I let her wear it for the first time. After she peepee'd in it for the first time she cried and wanted it off. I noticed that the fleece was repelling water so she was feeling the wet and the insert was dry. I thought no big deal so I hand washed it with Dawn and rinsed it several times until I got all the detergent out. THEN when I threw it in the dryer by itself my husband through in a DRYER SHEET and a shirt NOT seeing my freshly stripped diaper in there! AAAHHHH!

So I stripped it again the next day with boiling water and Dawn and rinsed throughly. I put it on her again and it WICKED through the PUL badly. I'm kind of new to cloth diapering and I'm running out of ideas can you tell me what I can do. My poor lil' diaper has been washed ALOT more than than it's been worn so far!

Also I have well water- do I need to do anything extra because of hard water?

Oh, and by the way I use SUN on my diapers! So little that (about 2 tbsp.) I wonder if they are even getting clean. I use the highest water level and still have to rinse my diapers over and over and over to get rid of bubbles! WHY?

Thanks for your help mamas!! I need to get this laudry thing down before my newborn gets here in September!
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