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Re: PLEASE READ! In regards to paypal fees, payments and delivery confirmation!

Originally Posted by olstep View Post
I do not think DC is free on USPS. It is also more expensive than paypal. I'd say paypal is your best bet.
And if a package is heavier than 13oz it can also be shipped Parcel Post. It doesn't have to be shipped Priorty.
I prefer to ship in Regional boxes. It seems to be the cheapest for packages within 5zone from you. The only drawback is that you have to order them on-line. It is free, just takes time.

Hoping to get an answer about international shipping.
Is it required for the transactions on DS or up to to sellers to decide about Delivery Confirmation for International shipping.
I know dc is free on USPS for priority shipping. I just used it to ship out some things a few days ago. I did not pay extra for DC. If I had shipped parcel post it was going to charge me. This made priority shipping cheaper for us in this situation. Without DC parcel post was going to be cheaper.
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