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Originally Posted by Reuben Christopher
My kids LOVE to dye yarn. They dyed 2 last year and one so far this year.

All with koolaid.

And this one they did from their leftover Easter egg dye (also koolaid with a little food coloring in the pink and green).

I wash the yarn (baby wash and room temp water) then I soak in in room temp water and vinegar, gently squeeze the water out then wrap it in a towel to get more water out but you don't want it dry, just damp really. I put plastic wrap down on the back porch, put the yarn on top & give them wiltons squeezy bottles with their koolaid/water/vinegar mixture. Once they are done I use paper towels to soak up most of the extra liquid then roll the yarn up in the plastic wrap so it is all covered in the plastic (like a roll of tp shape almost). I put it in a micro safe bowl and put it in the micro for 2 minutes, then pull it out and use tongues to turn it over, then 2 more minutes, then turn it over, then 2 more minutes then I use the tongues to pull off the plastic (the yarn will be hot) and let it cool. When it's cool enough to put it in water (same temp as yarn so I don't felt it) and let it soak for a little bit then gently squish out the water, roll it up in a towel and squeeze out the extra water so it doesn't take so long to dry (there should be no color transfer onto the towel). Let it completely dry then you can hank it or roll it in a ball to knit from or whatever. Hope that makes sense. There is a great tutorial in craft chat about how to dye that mrsallary made.
I bought a skein of Fisherman's Wool to dye!
I've made it into smaller skeins so we can try a few different methods.
I'm too chicken to use my nice wool for our first go at this!

My five year old is so excited!
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