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Gone. Please delete.

These diapers come from a smoke free, dog friendly home. I have a 3 month old at home, so it may take me a couple days to get these out.

11 BG 3.0 and 4.0

I prefer to sell these in lots of at least 3. No stains on any of these.

4.0-All snaps-ALL EEEUC

These were purchased new by me and only used for about a month. My son just doesn't fit well in the BGs. All come with newborn and one size inserts.

$42 ppd for 3
$65 ppd for all 5

2 butternut-one not pictured (in the wash)
1 grasshopper
1 twilight
1 sweet-not pictured (in the wash)

BG 3.0-All aplix-No stains

$57 PPD for the lot
$30 for 3

3 white-One is EUC and the other 2 are VGUC. The only difference is that there are some snags from the aplix catching onto the tabs in the wash. No staining. Aplix is very sticky on all. One of these doesn't have inserts.
1 butternut-EUC slight piling around laundry tabs
1 grasshopper-EUC slight piling around laundry tabs
1 twilight-EUC slight piling around laundry tabs

2 Fuzzibunz XS perfect size diapers. These are EUC. My son wore them less than 10 times each. Both come with XS inserts. No stains. Both for $20 PPD. SOLD

Next is an orange Alva Baby NB Diaper. EUC. No stains. Comes with an insert, but I can't guarantee that it will be the original insert or a BG insert. $5 PPD or $3 with the purchase of either the 2 Kawaii Pure and naturals or the 2 FB XS.

I have 2 Kawaii Pure and Naturals. These are GUC. I bought these used and barely used them. They are Comfy baby and Milk time. No staining. Some piling on the laundry tabs and inners. They come with one insert each. Not sure if they are the original inserts. $10 PPD SOLD

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