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Oh the smell (puke)

The diaper pail is really smelling strongly of urine...well duh...but my question is what do you all use? I have some pail pals or whatever you call those things on order from Northern Essence. I've tried tea tree oil and it does nothing. When I open up the pail to put a dipe in I about faint or at least feel like puking because of the stench. I guess it smells like ammonia?

I need to come up with a solution because it's so strong that sometimes you can smell it when you walk into the room. Someone, anyone, have a solution for me? It's mostly the pail that has the prefolds in it. We have two, one for fitteds and AIOs and one for prefolds. Is there a better solution for the prefolds stench? I know they tend to stink more in general than other diapers (in my experience anyway).

Thoughts? I literally almost fainted yesterday when I opened it up and I'm not one to have a weak stomach with smells.
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