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Re: Planning a natural childbirth

agreeing with the books already recomended to you.

I don't know if you were induced with your first or not but it changes your labor completely. I would highly not recommend it! Being induced frequently leads to all sorts of other interventions that you may not want. Even if you know your due date from charting - the baby will come when the baby is ready and when your body is ready.

sorry to be the downer on that one but unless you have just super quick deliveries the commuting shouldn't be an issue. I've had 2 pregnancies where my commute to the birth center or midwife was well over an hour away - my last one the birth center was almost 2 hours away and still no problems. It is a matter of once you think you are in labor if you are at school come home immediately. Unless you have really fast labors then you don't have anything to be concerned over and no need to be induced unnecessarily.
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