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Re: Planning a natural childbirth

We did Bradley Classes and they were WONDERFUL! I can't recomend them enough! The Bradley books are great too - definately worth a read. If you don't think taking a class at a specific time fits into your schedule, try to talk to your local Bradley instructor about private classes. My hubby is a resident so his schedule is CRAZY and our instructor really worked with us and met with us privately a number of times so we could still take the class. Bradley instructors are awesome!

I had a Bradley birth with my DS and I really think the techniques I learned in the class helped a ton. I was able to relax and actually sleep between contractions for almost my whole (39 hour) labor. Hubby was very active in the whole process too, from massaging my back and face to reminding me to relax. If your hubby wants to be involved, Bradley is the way to go.

From what I've heard, induction hurts a LOT worse than laboring naturally. Pitocin forces hard labor so you don't build up gradually to the really strong contractions like you would laboring naturally. That can be bad for mom because it hurts more and bad for baby because building up to strong contractions gives baby time to adapt to them as well. Induced births have a higher rate of fetal distress and an increased chance of needing a e-c/sec. That's just something you might want to keep in mind if you are really wanting a natural birth - I don't think I know a single person who was induced that birthed without pain meds.

Good luck with your little one!
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