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Re: Planning a natural childbirth

Originally Posted by Abunchofus
I don't know if you were induced with your first or not but it changes your labor completely. I would highly not recommend it! Being induced frequently leads to all sorts of other interventions that you may not want. Even if you know your due date from charting - the baby will come when the baby is ready and when your body is ready.
Thanks for your input regarding being induced. The problem is that I do have quick deliveries...I was only in labor with DD (my first) for 3 hours...and they expect that this one will come even quicker. Since the drive is about 1 1/2 hours...this may cut it a bit close.

I'm actually just fine with giving birth near the school, but the concern is that I would go into labor on the road between the two. The ambulance response times are awful there (DH's cousin is and EMT and has been looking into it) and they don't want me going through it alone (nor do I )

Taking time off from school is not an option, I have a full merit-based scholarship - and its a "use it or loose it" type of thing. I can only miss 2 classes, and those need to be after the baby is born. I know that many may not approve of my decision to go to law school with a newborn, but for our family it really does work best, and we have worked it out so DH will be home before I have to leave for the first year.

I still haven't committed to the induction...we're going to wait and wee how things go. I've already stated that I won't consider it unless my body is showing signs of naturally progressing. Ideally I would like to avoid it all together, but I have to be realistic and accept that in this situation it very well may be what is best.
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