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I have appetizer writer's block

Please help me :-) I am supposed to bring an appetizer or two for a family gathering and I am just blanking on the possibilities.

There are SERIOUS gluten issues in the family, so GF ideas only.
This is not a big-heavy-appetizers group - lighter/smaller seems to go over better. "healthy" things are generally good
The main meal is pulled pork and picnic-y salads.
Anything requiring a plate or utensil is probably a no go.
I will need to buy ingredients, prep, make, and transport (1hour) by myself as DH will be at work. So easy, makeahead stuff is key here.

The only things I can come up with are tomato/mozz/basil on sticks, or hummus and veggies. I know there are more interesting ideas out there, but it's Friday and even Pinterest is too much for me...
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