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Re: Planning a natural childbirth

Are you me? Seriously, we're in the same state, I'm in law school, and I have an hour+ commute. My babe was born in May, two weeks into the summer term and all my concerns about going into labor in school were for nought. If you think about the number of hours you spend in class it's really a fairly small percentage. Our plan was if I went into labor in school to call and let our midwives know, then evaluate if I wanted to drive myself, have MIL come pick me up, or have a classmate drive me home. Of course asking someone to drive me home was our last option--so time consuming for them and then to have to find someone to drive them back, etc.

But I went into labor Sunday morning and the baby was born 33 hours later--so not only did I not go into labor far away, but I ended up spending the first 10 hours of my labor running around doing errands.

If we're in the same school, we should get in touch--I'm moving much closer to school in a month or so though.
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