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Re: Skin to skin after c section

In my 4th C/S they let me see baby right after he was pulled out wrapped him up and then with DH's help unstrapped my arms and let me or DH hold him and DH push him to recovery with me. I asked for this...and baby was stable - they said if he wasn't there was no way. But, I've only ever had C/S and this was something I really wanted to experience. It wasn't exactly skin to skin since he was wrapped up (it's COLD in the OR), but in recovery he was there with me all but about 5 min where they ASKED if they could take him to the nursery - I could have said no but I'd already BF him and felt ok with him leaving for a few min...they did the bath with a camera so I could see it later...would have let DH do it or done it in our room but the older kids always enjoy watching the bath in the nursery and it's a chance for grandparents to see the baby so I was ok with that too. ASK for whatever it is you want...and ASK again...if say your OB says no ask the OR nurse who is with you - if you get a good one they will do what they can to work with you so long as everyone is stable...sometimes they will even bend the rules to get you what you want...I had a great experience with my 4th C/S - best one yet.
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