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Re: i am moving to the usa and am looking for information


We are looking at California.

Is there nothing set up in America then under Waste Management. That is the section of the Council that I work for. Over here in England quite a few County Councils have someone dedicated to spreading the word about cloth and other Councils have someone that spends a portion of their work on cloth.

There are also quite a lot of incentives for people to use cloth like money back when they spend so much and some councils give away a starter pack of nappies (birth to potty) or the choice of so many weeks free laundering.

Do you have laundering services?

I also have other projects on the go i.e. trying to get cloth nappies on hospital wards so that babies are put straight into cloth to help educate the mums that dont come along to events and ante natal classes. Organising a Health Professionals pack with samples and information for Midwives and Health Visitors. Going into schools, colleges and universities to do a presentation on cloth and am looking into purchasing a load of terry squares that we can do a practical bit on all the different folds. (Surprising how popular these nappies still are). I have also just launched 8 nappy lending kits for residents in Derbyshire so that they can try a range of nappies before they buy the wrong ones. I am working in partnership with some nappy advisers with this as the area that my job covers is huge. I have 9 district/borough councils within Derbyshire.

I am about to undertake quite a bit of research into incontinence for over 4's and how much is costs our health service (as if you have a medical condition for wetting you can get incontinence pads on prescription - free of charge). I know that there are some manufacturers that do cater for the older child and hopefully the older person.

Well I do hope that you find all this informative and that the word is definately spreading but just needs to spread a bit more. I understand they celebrate real nappy week in other countries.


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