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picking your prenatal provider

so last time i was pg i practically called the dr's office (well nurse midwife's office) before dh (lol). this time i'm still trying to decide which provider to go with. i'm seriously considering a midwife/homebirth or birth center option. dh says he's ok with it, but i'm still uncertain. i'm not exactly sure about what - maybe just what happens if things don't go smoothly w/ this pregnancy. i also have found a really good nurse-midwife practice here (hospital deliveries) that i'm considering as well. i've met with one of the cnms and liked her & her approach.

anyway, when did you arrange for your first prenatal visit?

if you've used both a cnm & a direct entry midwife - could you provide some compare/contrast?

i'm thinking that i'd like to call the midwife i'm considering and see about asking her some more questions (just about how things go, contingency planning, etc.) - any questions i should definitely ask?

i need to get some more prenatals soon too (almost out of my current batch) - does anyone have a recommendation of a good OTC brand?
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