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Re: Need reciepes for freezer!

I am sure you are mostly looking for dinner ideas but here are a few for breakfast as well, or you can have breakfast for dinner. You have covered my favorite freezer meals.

Whenever I make pancakes or french toast I always make extra and freeze. I microwave the pancakes and put the french toast in the toaster. They come out great, and it beats paying for the exact same thing at the grocery store.

Also instead of freezing, consider a crockpot. Very little work on your part and yet at dinner time you have a hot meal ready. Some of my faves are roast (pork or beef) w/ potaotes and baby carrots, or take the roast and cook it all day shredd it w/ 2 forks and put bbq sauce on it for bbq sandwiches. You can also use the pulled meat and put salsa on it for tacos. I also like to make stew, this one can take a little more work, I like to use fresh veggies, but you could use frozen and canned. I just cut up whatever veggies I have (tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, zuchini) and throw it all in the crock. Let it cook all day, no added water needed, the veggies will release their juices as they cook. I am sure you could probably do this w/ frozen stuff, just thaw it first and throw it in, probably wouldn't have to cook as long, but I am not sure.
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