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Re: Basically it's the weekend! (really? are you sure???)

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Good morning!

Ru works today. I am up and having a coffee and I am going to tidy the house some. Need to pass the vacuum and sweep the floors. Later, e and I are going to go to Walmart and get some Rubbermaid containers to put my Grade 2 stuff in so that I can bring it home from school. I don't want to get rid of it, so I have to figure out how to store it here somewhere. Yah, because we have space for that. Hmmm.

You baking looks delicious Janine! I am making pizza dough today, and perhaps homemade bread too.
Sorry Ru has to seems like we dont see much of Ru here, I miss her.

Your dinner sounds delicious! I need to start baking again. It's too hot here for keeping bread again and I'd have to do it more often...maybe I need to do the 5 minute bread thing again. I know there are some recipes without eggs.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Alright. 10:15 and I have made beds, wiped down the kitchen and put away clean dishes, washed the shower curtain (it is now in the dryer), swept the floors downstairs, mopped the floors downstairs, and vacuumed. Can I call it a day? Once the floors are dry I am going to go get in the shower.
I think yes!

Look at you go!
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