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Re: Need reciepes for freezer!

what i did before i delivered was make a lot of bean soups in the crock pot and froze them. dh is filipino so we eat a lot of rice (don't know if you do). we made things from basic slow cooker recipe books like multi-bean soup with ham (you can get the multi bean kits too at the grocery and just throw them in), or spicy red beans, or chili, or whatever. then we just defrost a jar of bean-stuff, turn on the rice cooker, throw the bean-stuff on the rice and chow. beans freeze/thaw really well and are really good protein sources for both soon to be and just-became mammas!!

also, we just made other types of soup that are good to be made in the slow cooker and froze them for lunches. lately when DH is out of town (I have a 9 week old), i wouldn't eat if it wasn't for those jars of soup!!! in general, i've found that if you can make it in the slow cooker, it's probably good frozen/defrosted. i hate stuff that doesn't freeze well, so i'm kinda picky.

good luck!!!
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