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Re: Best freezer meals for new mom?

My mom's group takes meals to everyone who has a new baby in our church (including our members!). I have taken Chicken and Biscuits casserole (allrecipes), Cottage Pie (a lot like Shepherd's Pie), and meatloaf. Things I have received are tater tot casserole, soups (I love this, the family doesn't so much), lasagna, taco meat with all the fixings, and pork and rice casserole.

I think it's a really nice touch too, to take an ENTIRE meal! Yes, it's simple enough to make your own side dishes, but taking a salad (and dressing) or a loaf of bakery bread, and then something for dessert (my favorite for summer is just vanilla ice cream with a carton of strawberries for toppings) really puts an "I really put some thought into this" touch to the gesture
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