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Re: i am moving to the usa and am looking for information

YEAH!!!!!! How cool Serena!!!! I know some midwives try their best to get hospitals to start using cloth and in some hospitals, it's really up to the mama's as to what's used. I know the hospitals I've given birth in, my baby stayed with me at all times so I was in charge of changing... so it was up to me. But cloth wasn't an "option" (I was given bags of sposies and no mention of cloth) It's a money issue because hospitals are given these things by the manufacturers so you might be up against something strong by promoting cloth diapers. I think it's well worth it though!!!!

California, IMO, is a good place to start. Simply because (and I soooo hate to admit this) it's the fore-runner of any social change (good or bad) that the U.S. undertakes. (many bad recently, unfortunately). I'm not a true Californian... only stuck here because of the military... but it is a good place to start because most of anything good, bad, indifferent, is accepted here without a passing glance. But if it catches on here in CA, it's sure to catch on in other places of the U.S.

I wish you the best of luck... and my only opinion about WHERE to live in CA is NOT the southeast side. I recommend anywhere along the coast. Unless, of course, you enjoy seeing shades ranging from white to cream, to beige to brown to black only and winter weather is cold with extreme wind (up to 80kph on any normal day) and summer weather extreme hot with no wind... and no fall or spring. The desert really stinks. But LA and San Diego are nice!!!! I haven't been further north just yet but there are others here that can give you better ideas.

I have not been on much in the past few months, please be patient with me returning PM's.
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