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Why isn't there more medical information about BFing?

Having encountered supply problems with two of the thee kids I have BFed, I wonder why there seems to be so little real solid medical information on BFing. We know that breastmilk production is triggered by a hormone and that increasing demand increases supply, but why does there seem to be so little beyond that? What levels of hormone are necessary to ensure adequate production? Can hormones be developed as a medication to to help increase hormone leves and supply if demand alone isn't working. We can take hormones to prevent ovulation, there are medications for when the body doesn't make enough other hormones, why not for BFing?

I just feel like right now, the whole thing is just guessing game and it often leaves women feeling like they screwed up, when they struggle with supply. The best an LC can tell them is nurse more, make sure your latch is right and that baby doesn't have a tongue tie. There really seems to be nothing to tell a woman if her body is actually doing what it's supposed to and this assumption that there is pretty much no way that something could be medically wrong.

Is there more research going on in this area that I am not aware of?
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