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There are medications to increase supply. And tons of natural things we know increase supply.

What I recommend to a struggling mom is to get baby weighed before and after a feeding. Find out if there's a real supply issue before assuming so.

With DD, we had issues. Lots of them. And I thought low supply was one. But now I know enough that I'm not sure it was.

By my accounts, women are pushed to the pump too early which affects supply negatively. What women don't realize is that not everyone can pump. So when they don't letdown proper for the pump, a supply issue is suspected.

Women are also given to believe that babies nurse every couple hours. So when baby wants to nurse every hour, a supply issue is suspected.

But neither mean that. I think supply issues are commonly blamed for misunderstanding nursing.

And growth spurts are not taught about enough so moms are like 'baby nursed 5 hours and then drank 2oz formula - I have a supply issue! When it's not. It's a growth spurt. Or cluster feeding. Or something else completely normal.

I was a victim of too little info with DD. I know how it works.

I know that's going beyond what you said but those are thoughts. There are medications to help women with low supply. I don't know if they're hormonal, per se but they have side effects just like the hormones that cause us to ovulate or not.
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