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Re: Why isn't there more medical information about BFing?

Well I am finished nursing for good so I am not really looking for anything specific. Just kind of generally wondering.

Are there any blood tests to tell a mother what her prolactin levels are? I was aware of the meds used off label, but are there any in research and development to be used on label?

Honestly, I think that the constant line of 'mamas don't have enough information and support' might be starting to do more harm than good. It's often leaves many mamas who ARE trying and are getting support and seeing IBCLCs and such a bi lost. And I think it leaves mamas who have to return to work feeling like any problems they have are because they are working and not keeping baby tied to them 24/7.

I wonder how much is 'mamas are misinformed' and how much is 'mamas don't have enough info because there just isn't enough info out there.'
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