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Re: Why isn't there more medical information about BFing?

Yes you can test your prolactin but it does fluctuate throughout the day. My opinion is that as a mommy you are always going to be subjected to that mommy guilt.... we naturally compare ourselves to others and are too much, not enough, etc.

I don't really follow what you said about the line about misinformation, etc doing more harm than good exactly.... for me this is not a line but an observation from years of experience both personal and professional. We really don't have a culture of breastfeeding support as a whole.

For me, giving and receiving the right information at the right time makes all the difference ( or the opposite is also true...)

You should never feel like less, or a failure, especially when you have made a decision to educate, explore your options, and try.... like I said, what I have learned is "define your own success".

I once met a mom who had a breast reduction and desperately wanted to breastfeed. She saw an IBCLC and was not transferring anything measureable. Mom was really hurting and feeling like a failure when we first met. Guess what? Baby did not mind and continued to nurse after each bottle, happily for many months. He had no idea that breastfeeding had anything to do with milk production and really that is only the tip of the iceberg. Breastfeeding goes way deeper than how much milk you make and doesn't make or break you as a mother.
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