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Re: Why isn't there more medical information about BFing?

Originally Posted by BSWmama View Post
I know what you mean by this as a mom who struggled with supply with my first, and now probably my second child. I can't claim I did everything perfectly, but I had a natural birth, got baby to the breast immediately, soon took Reglan and Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, I did breast compressions, I pumped after feeding, I drank a lot of water, some beer, I ate plenty of calories, I nursed around the clock, coslept night and day. I saw lactation consultants at the hospital numerous times, had before/after feed weigh-ins, I called LLL leaders. I read A LOT, and cried A LOT. Ultimately, I was able to EBF my son but it was an uphill battle and weight gain was always somewhat an issue. All that that I got from LLL and lactation consultants was, "Well, have you tried this or that?" I felt that they had already judged that I was a total idiot who had "mismanaged" the breastfeeding relationship (and I guess perhaps I had but I was trying sooo hard and reading and obsessing) and I was seriously at a loss, having indeed tried all that already...
That sounds a lot like my breastfeeding experience with my first, minus the Reglan. My baby did not get back to her birth weight until over a month and only after I began formula supplementation. I smelled like curry powder from all of the Fenugreek, not to mention Goat's Rue and Brewer's yeast. I nursed around the clock and pumped (usually drops, nothing measureable) with a hospital grade pump. I supplemented at the breast with an SNS. I was a huge ball of stress, depressed, and vould not understand my body's failure. After some time I just couldn't deal, and seeing no increase, stopped pumping and using the SNS. I supplemented after nursing with formula in a bottle. One day I stopped the formula, I didn't consult my midwife, the IBCLC or the pediatrician. By weight alone she was failure to thrive but met or exceeded her milestones, I did intro. solids early, probably too early, but I didn't kn8w better back then. I EBF my second, she did a little better but wss still under the norm, and small even at a year and two years, She nursed 3.5 years. My third is a similar story but I stopped stressing. I was really lucky to be able to bring her to work with me so she was able to nurse on demand ( I would never be able to pump frequently enough to work and maintain a supply). I never mentioned our low weight gain to any of the IBCLCs I worked with.

As mentioned in a previous post I have "self diagnosed" myself as having insuffucient glandular tissue. I have all of the physical signs and I feel that because we build milk making tissue with each subsequent pregnancy I have done a little better each time, not to mentinm my conscious decision not to stress myself as long as my babies are healthy.
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