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I'm trying to stay calm, but the crap I've been through this weekend....

Due to an emergency, I was separated from my 3.5mo daughter for 12 hours last Friday night. She had to be fed formula in my absence, and my breasts became very engorged. As soon as I got home, I pumped both breasts and nursed her. I've been watching out for mastitis because I had that when she was 6 weeks old, and DEAR LORD it was awful.

I don't see any red streaks, and until this morning, all seemed fine. But when I woke up, I noticed that my right breast feels very sore. There is also a white patch at the end of my nipple, that at first I thought was dried milk or something. It's getting increasingly painful.

Is this thrush or something? Advice on resolving this naturally? I don't have insurance. :/

Eta: my breasts were itchy Saturday, too. Not at the nipple, but around the top. I thought it might be from the lace on my bra. I don't know if it was or not.
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