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Originally Posted by mama2tommy View Post
Sounds like a milk bleb on your nipple. It needs to be taken care of ASAP. You basically need to scratch the skin enough to draw it out - you can use warm compresses, and a sterilized needle, to start scraping it open - if left to get worse, the milk behind the bleb can start to solidify, and when you get it out, it may be stringy. You can go to an LC, but it's really more comfortable to deal with it yourself!
I just took a hot shower, pumped (barely got anything), had hubs get a clean needle, and I piercedd what looked like a tiny blister in the middle of the white. I didn't immediately get anything, but I went to soak in a hot tub and massage the sure area behind my nipple. I could see some milk coming, and then I noticed a thick white string floating in the water with me. I'm hoping that was it. Then I pumped about an ounce.

I'm going to keep a close eye on it, and maybe repeat the whole thing in a few hours.

Off to consult with Dr. Google...
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