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Boyish Newborn ISO: Swaddlebees Basix AIOs, RaR Covers, & Snappis

***These items will have top priority***

NB Simplex/Basix AIOs - Looking for used, functional condition, and am ok with some staining as well. Looking to stay around 12-14PPD/each. Looking to buy about 4/5 at this time.

NB RaR Covers - Prefer prints to solids. Snaps only please. Only need about two at this time. Prefer to stay around 8-9PPD/each for used covers.

Prefolds - Preferably GMD orange edge (newborn), only looking to purchase about a dozen. Open to condition and ok with some staining as well.
I know they are expensive to ship, but not looking to pay NEW price for your used prefolds, I'll hop over to GMD to do that

Also in need of a Snappi or two, size 1

***Casually ISO the following***

Lil Joeys - Just looking to try one or two out, didn't love these with my son, but am open to trying them again. Looking for good/used/functional condition, light staining is ok. Looking to spend no more than 10-12PPD depending upon condition.

Grovia Newborn - Same as above, just looking to try one or two out, looking for good/used/functional condition and light staining is ok. Want to try out the ones that are topped with microfleece (new style I guess). Looking to spend 10-12PPD depending upon condition.

Applecheeks Size 1 - These are probably a bit out of my price range, but if anyone has any in the 12PPD range (again ok with signs of wear/stain as long as function is good), I would be open to trying one or two out.

Please PM or comment here with link/info
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