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Re: parents of autistic children

I've not posted here for awhile nor shared our story.

My Stepson (but he's MY child!) was diagnosed at 18 months and started therapy at 22 months. I've been in his life since he was 2. He just turned 7 and is in first grade. He is in the class 96% of the time only coming out for speach working on social stories. He does have an aide part time inthe morning to help with the comprehention part.

His math skills are off the mark, but his verbal and social is our biggest issue.

However, this child has improved so much. All he used to do was lay on a rug and roll a car back and forth or open the garage door of a toy house. He did not talk until he was 4, did not give hugs, nor try to communicate with us.
The child we have now is such a blessing, but it came with a lot of work and sacrafice.

We've done 8 hrs of therapy with ABA for years between therapist, school, and us. It has been a long long road. We are now done with ABA and only have one therapist that comes to our house. It's so hard for me to believe that.

*hugs* to all. It is a blessing to know others here to share our stories and heartbreaks.

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