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Re: breast infection?

Originally Posted by mama2tommy View Post
Sounds like a milk bleb on your nipple. It needs to be taken care of ASAP. You basically need to scratch the skin enough to draw it out - you can use warm compresses, and a sterilized needle, to start scraping it open - if left to get worse, the milk behind the bleb can start to solidify, and when you get it out, it may be stringy. You can go to an LC, but it's really more comfortable to deal with it yourself!
I had this before, twice, with DS1. I had to squeeze towards my nipple to get the "string of cream" out. It was awful and painful. But you definitely want to make sure you get it all and pump a ton after you do to keep it clear!

Originally Posted by MrsTorres View Post
I had the same issue twice after years of not BFing..I was kinda shocked and didnt know what it was. I ended up soaking it in a hot shower and then trying to work it out and nothing happened but then a bit afterwards it started hurting even worse so I tried working with it again and it popped and everything came out. When it happened the second time I did it again and the same thing happened. I keep an eye on it because it's the same spot both times.
This. I had constant issues with that one spot on my breast getting clogged the entire time I nursed DS1. Oddly enough, the other breast was more of an issue with DS2. Yet to have any issues with DS3 (woohoo!).

Hang in there, it's tough and it's painful, but if you work at it, it will pass
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