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Does this sound like my dd is a heavy wetter?

DD is almost 6 weeks old, she is my first and we have cd'd her since she came home from the hospital so I have nothing to compare her to....
I have been mostly using prefolds but have now incorporated some pockets and a few fitteds. She absolutley hates a wet diaper and will cry the minute it gets wet and then is happy again. As a result of this I will change her upwards of three times an hour after she nurses. In fact, each time she feeds I can certaintly expect three diaper changes in a row. This of course has resulted in a TON of diaper changes.
Recently, I put in a Little Beetle Hemp fitted with the hemp doubler. I left the cover off to see how long it would take her to soak through it. Sure enough within one hour the outside of the diaper was damp. Is that normal?? This diaper feels pretty heavy duty. I thought people used this one for heavy wetters over night and my dd is going through it in an hour..... Would you classify her as a super soaker??
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