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Re: Preggo Twin Mama Buddy Group!

Lesa - Thinking of you and sweet baby Colton!

Dani - Oh my word!! I cannot even imagine!! Poor Grace and poor you! How super scary! I hope they're still doing ok. Man, what is up with her DH?? Ahhh!! I bet your BP was high, I'd be FTFO!

Rachel - If I were you, I'd ask the hospital you want to deliver at (smaller one) how far along you need to be to deliver there and then make alternate plans just in case with the other hospital/OBs. Usually, if they feel delivery is imminent or unavoidable before they could handle care of the babies, they'll transport you over to the bigger hospital. Even if it happened to fast for you to go over before they're born, you can demand transport with the babies or check yourself out AMA and go over. No one could possibly expect you to just let your babies go over and be apart from you! The hospital I'm delivering at will take babies born at 30 weeks and later and they're a level II NICU. Really glad to have made it past that point!

AFM - Doing pretty good. Had my third and final appointment for the week with one of the new OBs. Really liked her. She encouraged me to not schedule a c-section because she's pretty confident that as long as baby A stays head down they'll be able to deliver both babies vaginally. Feeling better about that. Still just 1-2 cm dilated which is great! Other than that, not much is new, just chugging along, trying to get as much time in as we can before they get here. Can't believe they'll be here in 32 days or less!!
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