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Originally Posted by rotersonne
I do bring a bottle, but I always BF in public. I would use a cover for my LO- she doesn't like bright lights. But lately, the cover is just a hassle. She constantly tries to take it off, so I finally just went without. Nobody said a thing!

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I'm in your boat. I nurse so freely that trying to use a cover is more trouble than "dirty looks". I have gotten none (that I've noticed) and I nurse while shopping at target if need be. Lol. every once in a while, especially since she was born in winter and made it much easier to do so, I'd toss a scarf over her latched mouth, but that's about the extent of my covering her. I've nursed with the ergo, a ring sling, and a mei tai. On the go doesn't mean she's not hungry. She gets fed when she's we all hope to be. This has been going strong since dd2 got home from the NICU and she's now 6 months old. I will continue to nurse as she needs, where ever that may be. I've got pretty nice boobs so I'm not very shy about it.
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