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Re: Does this sound like my dd is a heavy wetter?

I just want to point out though...that its not uncommon for a fitted diaper to feel wet on the outside. It means the fabric is doing its job and absorbing well. Unless the diaper was saturated I wouldnt think heavy wetter....It just sounds like she is a normal baby who pees several times. DD use to pee about every 20 minutes.

Now that shes older she holds it diaper changes have slowed down.

I only said the thinga bout the fitteds being wet on the outside...because there are a lot of people who assume just because the diaper is wet on the outside there isnt enough absorbency in it....while this could be true in SOME cases...its not always true. Its just sad to see someone get rid of a diaper because they think fitteds shouldnt be wet on the outside when wet.
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