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Re: Extended nursers, and Night time


I can completely relate to you. Mine is about to turn 18months and is nursing anywhere from 3-6 times a night. She's never not nursed at night and never slept all the way though the night. I get alot of flack about it to from "friends" and family. You just have to do what is right for you and your child. Every parent is different with what they feel comfortable with. If you feel it's time to night wean, I have been told that the "No cry sleep solution" is a good book to read.

Personally, until I was able to put the negative comments aside and not let them bother me, I was in resentment for nursing so long. I found that I was trying to wean when my daughter just wasn't ready and it was soley because of the comments. It took my husband and I sitting down plus talking it out to realize that our DD wasn't ready to wean yet and I was trying to wean because I had let the negative comments rule my judgement in what was right and wrong.

SO-If you decide to wean make sure you think about the real reasons why you are trying to wean.

Your doing a great job and don't let the negative comments bring you down.

~Kristi~Wife to Matt, Mom to Katy-8 and Arianna-4 and Gabriel-6/15/09
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