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Re: picking your prenatal provider

Ok, I am planning a UC homebirth, but I was interviewing hb m/w earlier on. At the moment I am receiving care through a medwife whom I love, but she does hospital births only. Anyway, I will put the list of ?s I had at the end of this post. Prenatals, I just get Spring Something or other (can't remember the name), the generic brand at Walmart. Cheap and 100 count. I would definitely interview lots of different m/w, you want to click with the one you end up using. Here's the list:

How, when, and where did you receive your midwifery education?
Is your certification in neonatal resuscitation up to date?
What is your rate of transport? cesarean? Episiotomies?
Do you participate in regular peer reviews?
Do you have midwife or OB backup?
How many women are due within a month of my due date?
What is your plan if someone else is in labor when I am?
What are your labor induction techniques?
Do you carry an oxygen tank to births?
What methods do you suggest to alleviate labor pains?
To what hospital do you transport if this becomes necessary? Who will go with me?
What makes a hospital transfer necessary?
How often will you make postpartum visits?
What do you do if the baby is presenting breech?
Do you give eye ointment/vitamin K shot to the baby?
What do you do if there is meconium in the water?
How would you control postpartum hemorrhaging?
Would we need to have the dog and cats elsewhere? Are any possible attendants allergic?
How often do you do internal exams? Monitor baby’s heart rate?
Do you test for Group B strep? If so, how is it treated?
What is your personal style and/or procedure during labor?
How many babies have you delivered? Homebirths? Water births?
How far past the official due date will you allow me to go? What happens if I pass that point?
When during labor should I call you?
Can the cord be allowed to pulse before cutting? Can we give the baby time to breastfeed right upon birth before disturbing it to clean/weigh and so on?
If I am 10cm dilated but don’t feel the urge to push, what would your response be?
What do you do if I tear? Can you stitch me or does an MD have to?
What emergency equipment do you bring to the delivery?
Do you recommend any herbs to help with during pregnancy? Starting labor? after labor pains, both internal and external?
What do you do with the placenta?
Do you consider yourself hands-on or hands-off? Why?
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