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I need a hug.

We have had a rocky go of it. DD started loosing weight at three weeks and she has been on progressively more formula to the point that she is practically full time formula fed. She is 13 weeks now. She still latches on and will nurse in the night sometimes, but I fear that isn't going to last forever. I get hardly anything when I pump. I thought I had come to terms with it. I ffed DS and I got over it. For both of them I tried everything, I just never made enough milk for either of them.

But today we went to the pediatrician's and as we were waiting for our turn this beautiful mom came out nursing her DD who looked to be about the same age as my DD and I just burst out crying, right there in the waiting room.

I don't know her story, she may have fought tooth and nail for that moment. It just looked so effortless and I am so sad that my experience has been the opposite of that.

Thanks for listening.
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