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Re: So... antivaccinating moms. School waiver?

We are no longer vaccinating but our oldest 3 were fully vaxed and I have lost DS3's record before. Most states have a vaccination database for this reason and they would have your DD's shots on record. We accessed the records and filled out a new card ourselves. Check with the health department or your ped.

With my younger 2 we had to do exemptions. The form is at the health department and the state we were in required us to talk to a nurse about the risks of not vaccinating before we could have it. Both us and and she had to sign it. I just bit my tongue and nodded politely and finished with a short to the point, "We have done our research and are comfortable with our decision." It was fairly infuriating and I was not expecting it at all since our state allowed philosophical exemptions.
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