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Re: Anyone one else have hyperemesis?

Well, I am 34 weeks now and on a double dose of diclectin...which is just keeping the nausea at bay for the most part. Some days are worse than others, mornings are always bad, but I don't usually vomit (unless I smell something that turns my stomach or have to clean up dog puke).

This is my 3rd (and last) pregnancy, and it has gotten worse with each one. DH had the snip already as there is no way I can put my body and my family through this again (they are limited in what can be cooked/eaten in the house without setting me off).

I eat little "meals" very frequently as that seems to work best, and try to never let myself get an empty stomach. I also eat breakfast (same thing every day) as soon as I get up or I will start getting queasy and not want to eat. I find that making it the same thing and part of my routine helps because I don't have to think about it too much (even going to open the fridge door in the morning can cause me to dry heave, DH is in charge of making the kids food for the most part)
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