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Re: Anyone one else have hyperemesis?

I am very lucky because when I got bad my Mom came to stay until the end of this month (I should be almost 12 weeks when she leaves) to take care of my kids. I sleep as much as I can because when I'm awake I feel like crap I'm sure if I had to be up more taking care of the kids I would have to up my dose. Since we are totally self pay and the meds are so pricey I take as little as I can.

Woke up out of a dead sleep last night soooo nauseated. I really thought I was going to throw up right then and there but I managed to get down half a zofran and wait it out. I feel quite icky this this morning. Even in my sleep I feel icky. My Mom had HG too. With my youngest sister she was so sick they had her in the hospital with a feeding tube in her shoulder/neck area. They had to cut a hole and insert the thing. So I know I could be worse off. Luckily it does tend to ease after the first trimester so I am just holding out for that. I don't know why some of us are so sick while I know others who never even get nauseous at all. I think they said that Kate (royal Kate) has HG as well. At least we are in good company.
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