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Re: How did you learn of cloth?

We actually learned about it from a friend who DOESN'T CD. I had just found out I was expecting my 2nd. My DH and I always knew we wanted to have a lot of kids and she had mentioned that she had a friend who used FB. (One of my mom's good friends used PF's and my aunt used a diaper service on her girl, who is now 6). I didn't like the idea of PF's, but when I heard about FB- I thought it would be a good way to save money. My friend's friend had just moved to Montana. I called her and asked a ton of questions. I started doing some research and bought some used FB on Ebay. Jana (My friend's friend) had met Kim at Mt. Diaper store and recommeded I check out KL's too. So I did. My friend also suggested that I start CD my then 20 mo old to "get the hang of it" before the baby was born. Thus, started my addiction. I bought all used dipes and loved the pockets. We also found Daisy Doodles and loved the trim fit. I bought two bG and liked it too! We were pocket people! Then when my dd2 was born, we learned how to use fitteds. When she started sleeping through the night, I got brave enough to try wool and loved it too! Now I'm so torn. SHe's about to outgrow her small stash and I have to move up. Don't know whether to go with pockets or fitteds and covers. Actually sounds like wool is the more expensive option. I see all you people stalking the new wool releases! I did this to SAVE MONEY! Now I just love looking at my babies in their colorful bums! Also my DH LOVES IT! We aren't totally anti-sposie. (we used it on a trip to NY recently and my mom won't wash CD, so if she keeps dc, she'll sposie.) I really do LOVE it now. I had planned on "investing" in diapers we could reuse for all the kids. Now I think I'm going to sell and buy more as to feed the CD habit
OH, and my ODD is starting to PL. I told DH I almost wished she wouldn't because I LOVE seeing her in CD. How sad.
That's my story...
(And my friend that turned me on, has yet to convert... Maybe I'll get her with the next baby!!)
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