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Re: Favorite Herbal Ice Teas?

Celestial Seasonings has an herbal tea that tastes similar to black tea but since it's herbal, there's no caffeine. I like fruity herbals iced but mostly because they remind me of the Koolaid I drank so often as a kid. Any of the celestial seasonings zinger teas are good iced and Strand has one called Hawaiian paradise that's good, too. I have some fruity herbals and rooibos blends from teavana that are good too like blueberry, strawberry lemonade, and others that I can't think of their names at the moment. I also like iced chai made with roiboos instead of black tea, but I'm not a fan of just plain iced rooibos at all. I only like vanilla rooibos hot and I can drink rooibos chai lattes hot, otherwise it's just too grassy for me. Hibiscus is great hot or cold- especially when made up Mexican ponche style. Anyway, those are the ones I like. Not having grown up with sweet tea, I actually prefer unsweetened tea and black coffee, so none of those, save the first one, may meet your tastes. If you can find it, that first one is pretty close and will hopefully help you not feel deprived. Good luck!
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