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Re: Anyone one else have hyperemesis?

I am a HG survivor. After 6 yrs of infertility (and every treatment available) and tens of thousands of dollars later and a failed adoption later, I was pg with my first... naturally!!! Then began the 9 months of HELL!!!!! People would say to me after our DD was born "But she was so worth it, right?!" My answer was a non-comical "No." We were told by all our specialist that it was a fluke that I ever got pg. Imagine our surprise when 19 months later, yup, pg again naturally. Another 9 months of HELL!!!! I also had ptylism so I was spitting in a cup every 10 sec (literally) and sleeping with rags in my mouth at night, that would have to be changed a couple of times a night.
My DH got a vasectomy the week after DD #2 was born (the man with not enough sperm to even do regular IVF!!!! and barely enough live sperm to do ICSI!!!!)
7 yrs after DD#2 we adopted our amazing DS at birth. We just weren't done being parents, but I was NOT going through that again.
My DS is the reason I believe I had to go through all that grief. Without it, we would not have been convinced to adopt. And he WAS worth it! LOL (easier to say 8 yrs after the fact!LOL)
Good luck mama. Sleep it off

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