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Originally Posted by leyash

i could see about the early outside time. would need to do it on a morning that it is below 80, and low humidity.

scheduling activities is something i could try again. i tried it in the past, and it seemed like something always got in the way. either the baby wouldn't cooperate, or instead of participating, everyone wanted to throw a fit because it wasn't what they wanted to do, etc. it was always something.

will check into doing a schedule again.
Let them have input on the schedule that way if they say they don't want to you can remind them it was their choice.

I would schedule a "quiet time". Where everyone is in their own area, maybe for the 5+6 year old one can bring 1-2 quiet activities to the dining room table ( i would alternate weeks on who stays in the room)
Then for 15,30 or maybe even 60 minutes everyone stats in their own area doing their own thing. This gives you a break and them a break from each other.
So you have an electronic game systems? Maybe they each get 30mins/day just to play with them alone too
I have a 6+7 year old and I live what you are talking about but not all day as I am at work. I don't even allow my children to brush their teeth in the same bathroom because it was just fighting.

I know this is all easier said than done especially with a 2 month old. The way I look at things is if it work for one day that is one day and maybe you have to find something different for the next day but one day is worth it.
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