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We are sort of in the same boat, my baby is a couple months older. I have a 4yr old and 5yo that like to get at each other. I am a yeller, but I'm really trying to be more zen. So, my ideal is that I don't yell at them, I tell them once to stop fighting and if they can't they are not allowed to play together fo 15-20 min. The punishment is that they cannot speak or play together. It puzzled my 5yo at first, he thought it might be ok to not have his brother bother him, but now he hates it. We are also reading "making brothers and sisters best friends", which is a bit old for them, but is helping me.

The other thing we did is pick a topic and study it (unit study). We're doing the human body right now, I used some lesson plans I found online to follow loosely. It's about an hour (or as much as I can take!) of us doing experiments and crafts and the kids eat it up because I'm soooo not a crafty mom usually.

I also have a motivated moms chore list on my phone. My boys know that they will get jobs (doing the silverware, switching laundry loads, dusting, swiffering, taking out the little garbage cans, wiping out sinks, etc) and earn dimes every day. printing out the schedule has helped my guys. For some reason they respond better to seeing it printed out instead of me just telling them.

It's tough, I know! I'm completely tapped by bedtime. But really, the kids mostly just want stability, consistency, and attention. I'll also say that you shouldn't feel like you're begging when it comes to VBS. If they are any kind of real church, they'd love to have you, even if you're just desperate to find something that helps you get out of the house a bit.
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