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Re: WHAT DO I DO!? so frustrating!

Even when it is hot and here is is regularly over 105 my kids like to go outside and play even if it's only for short bursts of time and after then come back in they are tired and the rest and read books for awhile before acting crazy again.
We do not allow the kids in their rooms during the day unless they are in time out. I think asking them to stay in there room all day except for meals is like forcing them to be in a prison cell. I know that sounds dramatic but kids are dramatic and have exaggerated feelings. And you know what the kids sleep better at night now that they spend so much less time in their rooms. And this was hard to organize but there are also no toys allowed in their room, only books.
It there another place to put the baby to sleep so that the older boys can be in the living room? Can you just wear him in a cling or carrier?

As far as Cheap outings, we have very little money so I have to be creative.
~Maybe you could take the kids on a walk around the block with lists of things to search for like a scavenger hunt. Go out early in the day just after breakfast before it gets too hot. Even just a simple walk would help expel some energy.
~Mcdonalds once a month or so I take the kids to Mcdonalds in the mid morning and let them play for an hour or two and then I buy a 20 piece nugget for $4.99 and split it between them with 2 side salads and complimentary waters all around. After they eat we stay another hour or two. I bring my phone or something to read and they pretty much ignore me and play the whole time.
~Story Time at the library, every week at the library they have family story time and all ages are welcome and there is usually a craft and sometimes a snack after.
~Zoo This spring we splurged and bought a membership at the Zoo it was $60 and is good for a year.
~Mall there is a nice play area at the mall that my kids love and if we want to stay out for a long time I pack a lunch that we eat at the food court.
~Dollar store. I usually give the kids the opportunity to each earn $1 doing chores each week and then we go to the Dollar store and they get to pick out whatever they want.

I found a local blog that lists all kinds of great free or very cheap events. I really love the ones with free food.

Sometimes it's hard because we don't even have the gas to go out. I try to get the kids out of the house 2-3 times a week and they love it. And it really breaks up the week and makes it go by fast.

I just got part of my monthly Amazon subscribe and save order, paper towels, and it arrived in a giant box. Since they couldn't hurt them I let the kids open the box and then they got to put away all of the paper towels(I will have to go find them later.) Now they are making the box into a spaceship race car. All three kids are happily coloring together. They are 6,4,2.

I think tomorrow I will give them a bed sheet and tell them to build me a tent or cave and then I will read them a book and let them eat a snack in it.
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