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Re: Ice Breaker :-)

lol Wow! What a can of worms this post opened huh? I did get to read the pp due to it being sent into my email lol. But I am not mad at anybody!

Update on my son. He still has the knots but they have gotten a lot smaller and dont hurt him any more. I actually forgot about them until I actually read one of the posts on here LOL. (I forgot the Icebreaker post that kept getting sent to me was a thread I started lol I never claimed to be the brightest LOL)

Anyways I do have 1 question to all those who are "Anti Vac." How do you get your kids in school? I know in Florida the kids HAVE to have vaccines to get into school. So what are you guys going to do in that case? (I am just wondering not out to start a fight lol. I never met anyone who was "Anti Vac". )

Thanks for all the info and I love hearing other sides of the story! If you know what I mean! :-)

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