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Originally Posted by leyash

we don't have game systems. i mean, we do, but they don't play them. it got to the point that no matter how long they played, they would throw a fit when it was time to get off. so i cut them out of the equation all together.

and yes, brushing teeth. that doesn't happen... ever. i mean, them doing it together. they each get 5 minutes in the bathroom. there is a timer on our light, so they know that when the light goes out, their time is up.

i'm going to have to write up some sort of schedule tonight and see what i can do. they all light animal planet, so maybe add 1 hour of that in after lunch so they can relax, let food digest, and i can have time to eat my lunch!
I have the same problem with my son in regards to when it is time to turn it off. We had to restrict to 1 day a week and usually it is every other week because he flips out and loses his turn for the following week. You would think he would learn. I can't scrape them because the 7 year is great about her 30 min/week period and it motivates her to get her room clean on Saturday
Time to eat lunch would be like a mini vacation every day :-). I hope you can soon!!!
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