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Re: Please just tell me he will grow into liking books

I think a lot of toddlers aren't really interested in "reading" books yet. When they are little, mine are more likely to play with books. We open them up, point at pictures, talk about what we see. Make games out of finding things. Use touch and feel books and things like that. Some books have songs/games built in, like Head to Toe (Eric Carle). But even if those things don't really pique your little ones interest, I wouldn't be at all concerned at 18 months old. My second daughter talked late and didn't really like to be read to. I worried. For a few years when she was old enough to learn to read, she insisted on "pretending" to read instead, and just sit and quietly look at pictures by herself. Once she started reading we found she has a very specific type of book she likes. Non-fiction. She only wants books about real things, mostly animals/bugs. But she's branching out a bit.

The main thing is, I wouldn't be at all concerned with and 18 month old that doesn't want to sit and read books just yet.
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