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Re: Three or Four?

I voted 4 even though I have 3 and will always have 3. DH has been snipped.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
We have 3 girls. The ONLY reason I MIGHT contemplate another is I always wanted both sexes, but odds aren't good.
We have those odds!

Originally Posted by leyash View Post
i voted four because that's how many i have, and it's perfect. i would totally love more, but dh would probably kill me.
This is why we have 3. I really think DH woud be very very overwhelmed with 4. I'm fine with my 3 boys, but if some terrible accident (read: miracle) happened, I'd be thrilled, I think!

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
3 isn't fun here. We have 3 boys, and there is always an odd man out, someone is always being "excluded" or picked on. Pairs would be far easier.
This is my problem with 3. Anytime there are three, I think it's harder. Also, my big boys are very close in age, but I worry that the baby will feel left out because he's sooo much younger.
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